Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Want a Vintage Travel Trailer

I joined up with the Sisters On The Fly awhile ago, but have not been able to attend any of their camping events yet. I am Sister #1129. Wow, more than a thousand of us out there! And I understand they're growing more every day. That's lots of Sisters to meet online and on the road.

One major drawback for me is that I don't have a travel trailer yet. That has become one of my goals to accomplish. I want to get a travel trailer and go glamping (glamour camping as described at Mary Jane's Farm) in a fun, blinged out trailer and spend some time in the great outdoors. Most of the Sisters have acquired vintage trailers from the 50's, 60's and early 70's that they refurbish into cute little cottages on wheels. I'm looking forward to joining in on the fun - but firt things first. Gotta get the trailer.

Originally I was thinking I could find an older trailer and do the refurbishing myself. I have been looking on ebay, craig's list and various on-line sites. So far the ones I've seen seem to be many states away. At this time that is too far a distance to travel. Another major issue is the fact we do not have a garage where I can work on this baby. It is possible to do it in our driveway, but may be an huge problem if this runs into the fall and winter season. Living in the northern plains we experience such a short summer season.

I have located a source in Montana where I can purchase a trailer that has already been remodeled and ready for tweaking with my own personal touches. I think this is the way to go. Now to come up with the money to do so.

I plan to finance this operation through sales of a variety of products produced through my own small business efforts. These products will be presented for sale through notification at this blog, my etsy site, and ebay auctions. Once I get production up I hope to reach out to some other venues as well. I'll keep updating info as it comes along. And I'll publish photos and info as I go.

Feel free to leave comments and encouragement.

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