Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boating, Fishing and Dreaming

A scenic view in one of the channels at New John's Lake.On Saturday my dh and I went fishing. This was some 'together time' for us since he's been busy playing a lot of tennis. Those tennis tournaments broadcast on tv, like the US Open the past two weeks, inspired him to get out and play more. Meanwhile I've been busy sewing or working on the computer for most of my waking hours lately. It had been a while since we actually got out and did something together besides sit in the living room with a show on television. So . . . we had a day outdoors, on the lake, in his fishing boat.

Lots of flora and fauna in and about the lake as attested to by these cattails.I actually forgot to bring my camera on Saturday. These are photos from another fishing trip we took some time ago to this same lake, New John's Lake northeast of Wilton. We spent several hours floating along, letting the breeze and the current drift us across the lake as we fished. Sometimes we used the trolling motor or the bigger gas motor to adjust our position. It was a nice quiet day at the lake for an end of summer weekend.

It seemed we were the only ones on the lake when we first arrived. There were no other trucks or boat trailers lined up near the boat ramp. And it seemed so quiet with no one else in sight. It felt as if we were the only ones out there - and that helped to make it a great day! It turned out to be partly cloudy - hot while the sun was shining directly on us and the breeze died down, but also cool when the clouds moved in overhead and the wind picked up. I spent the afternoon either putting my light-weight jacket on or taking it off - LOL!

Once we got out on the lake we could see there were a few campers parked at various spots around the lake. So there were obviously other people there. We only saw one other boat with two fishermen and their dog pass by us. There was one little camper that is the kind I would like to get. It was parked off in a private area with a truck and another vehicle there at the campsite. We were too far away to really see anyone at their campsite. I commented to my husband about how nice it would be if I already had my little vintage trailer and what fun it would be to pull it out to the lake. We could have set up camp and stayed there the whole weekend - relaxing - and enjoying the last days of summer. As it was, we only stayed around 4-5 hours with fishing.

Watching the waves and the water movement from the boat motor on the way back to the dock.Since we only caught one sun fish and put it in the live-well we considered releasing it back into the lake before we left. It was in good shape and swimming around in the live-well. We decided about midway through the day that if we didn't catch another fish we would release it if it still looked healthy. One sunfish really isn't too big a meal for two people. In the end it turned out to be in good condition and lively so we released it. We had lots of nibbles and bites. Lots of fish were jumping all around us, but no others would take that bite and let themselves be caught on our hooks. We tried various bait from live night crawlers, live minnows, assorted jigs, rapallas, and even a fake crayfish that was in the tackle-box. It would have been great to catch one of those big fish that was jumping. My dh said they were northerns or muskies.

I feel the day was just fine even though we didn't bring home any fish. We stopped and picked up one of those take-n-bake pizzas once we got back into town. The day was a good day. We had our bonding/togetherness time, got to enjoy some beautiful outdoor weather while it's still nice out, relaxed and got some sun. Yeah, me - who always burns. It was nice enough to give me a robust outdoor glow without being the burned, peeling kind of disaster.

Overall it was a wonderful afternoon. We got to do some boating, some fishing, and I got to do some dreaming of a future day when I'll have my own little blinged out vintage trailer.

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