Sunday, September 6, 2009

Digitizing Camper Embroidery Designs

I digitized this pull-behind camper from clip-art.I decided I better get a move on making some items to sell to start saving money towards my own little vintage trailer. So I took a look through the clip-art images that came with my Viking 4D Professional Embroidery Software. I wanted to check if there just might be something appropriate to use among those images. Under their vehicle (transportation?) section I found this cute little cartoon image. Thankfully I found something. Considering there are thousands of images that come with the program it took awhile to browse through just this section. I think I'll have to get busy with sketching a few of my own images for these pillows to make them more 'mine' and more wholly unique. I used my paint program to go into the .emf file and remove some portions from the original image I didn't want. It made the image too pixelated and choppy. I decided to leave it that way and see how the digitizing turned out. I have yet to actually stitch these designs out. That will be something to try later today.

Here I added some lettering to the camper image.I used the automated features of the program to do a quick digitizing job of this image, then went in and eliminated some areas from the .can file. Later when I had it digitized I went into the file and moved some stitches around and added stitches to alter the design even more. Once I stitch it out I'll see if there are areas that need more stitch manipulation. This second image you can see I used the program to add lettering below the image. Once I do some test sewing of the design I will likely tweak the wording more. I wanted some words that expressed a short and catchy saying related to camping or vintage trailers. Here my brain wasn't kicked into gear so good. This is okay, but seems kind of blah. Anyone want to leave a comment with a catching saying I could embroider instead? If I use it I'll make up a free pillow to send to you!

By the way, the extra lines showing between the letters and in some places on the image are actually jump stitches where the embroidery machine ties off the thread and jumps to another area of the design to start sewing again. They won't show up in the final product since they will either be trimmed by hand or trimmed by the embroidery machine. I have an option to choose automatic trimming if I want with my Pfaff Creative Vision machine. Sometimes this makes the design stitch out a bit slower, but saves time later since there's no hand trimming of threads. Pretty cool, huh? I love those extra options. Lots of times I have that feature turned off so it just stitches through the design faster and I'll trim threads later while watching TV or relaxing.

More lettering and musical notes added to embelish the camper image.Here is the design embellished even further. What do you think of this idea? Once the test sewing is done and I make up some little pillows I'll either sell them directly or through Etsy or Ebay. If anyone wants one of these little embroidered pillows just let me know. I'll post more about them next time - stuff like measurements, fabric content, price and number available.

I'm also thinking I might make these up as small tote bags or zippered pouches for storing small things. All proceeds will be going to my 'Vintage Trailer Fund' so I can purchase one of these little pull-behind beauties and hit the road for some fun. I so want to get started with traveling to some of the Sisters On The Fly events and even just taking my trailer out to the lake for a weekend. It would be so fun to meet up with some of the Sisters. After all, as their slogan says, "We have more fun than anyone!" I actually hate the idea of missing the White Buffalo Round Up II in Mountain Home, Arkansas on September 24-27th this year. My folks live fairly close to this area and if would have been so fun to go to the round-up then on a bit further to visit with them. Oh well, maybe next year . . . First things first - got to get a cool little trailer.

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