Sunday, September 6, 2009

Test Sewing My Trailer Design

The completed trailer design stitched out.I wanted to go ahead and get this design sewn out at least once as a test-sew before heading off to bed tonight. Here it's already (a) very late at night or (b) very early in the morning. Take your pick. That's like one of those glass is half full/empty conundrums. Depends on how you look at it.

A view while the machine was stitching the design.As I suspected when digitizing the design, it has way too many stitches for this size of a design. It needs to be made less dense so it stitches out faster. If I'm doing these or something like them in any kind of production mode they definitely have to be faster stitching. I'm also going to eliminate most of the underlay. The preferences for underlay was set to 'low' on the automatic settings, but still too many stitches underneath the design. That will shave some seconds off the total stitching time.

Here you can see the needle is just a blur. The machine sews out fairly fast, but this size design should be done with less stitches so it finishes up faster. I also noticed there doesn't seem to be a space between the words Trailer and Lover. I'll increase the gap on the words so the space is more distinct. I don't really like the white fabric showing through around the gray areas and the black on the wheels and the trailer stripe. I'll make sure that is changed when I digitize it over.

This machine is a Pfaff Creative Vision.I like the overall image of the design, but feel I should go back and manually digitize the piece to achieve a better result. I think it will be faster to redo it manually than to try to go back and tweak this design that was generated in the automatic functionality of the program. The computer almost always picks a round-about way of sequencing the stitches and it threw in too many stitches overall.

A slightly different view of the Creative Vision where the screen shows all the pertinent information.I recently had my machine in for the new update. It has been sewing a lot better than prior to the update.

A view of the design in the hoop after it was done stitching.And here is the final view right before I cut the basting stitches and removed the fabric from the hoop. A little bit of clean up with some stitches that didn't trim automatically, then tear away the stabilizer and press flat with the iron and a bit of spray starch. This one will get used for a product, even though I plan on re-working the design. I may make it up into something tomorrow afternoon.

Enough for now. It's late and I'm heading off to bed. G'nite!


  1. Cute design. Are you using Pfaff Creative 4D for your digitizing software?

  2. Essentially, yes. My program is actually branded as Husqvarna Viking 4D Professional. This is actually the same (or nearly identical) to Pfaff's 4D Suite program. I used to work at a local sewing machine dealership where we sold both Pfaff and Viking. I've worked with both. The image was included in the program. Thanks for your comment.


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