Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Imagine a Pumpkin Travel Trailer

Humorous Travel Trailer takes the form of a pumpkin carriage.I was browsing around the internet and ran across this pumpkin carriage machine embroidery design. All of a sudden it hit me - wouldn't this make a cool little travel trailer! LOL! I just had to chuckle at this idea. The pumpkin carriage as travel trailer idea could be a funny and eye-catching means of travel. You could decorate in a princess theme and bling it out really cute! Ha! Ha!

Okay, just kidding.

But it would be funny!

Can you see it? Maybe have the trailer painted orange as a pumpkin . . . filled with princess themed decor or painted with a cowgirl princess and a westernized pumpkin carriage. Possibilities are endless.

I've been checking in to the Sisters On The Fly website from time-to-time. Although I don't have a vintage trailer yet, I look forward to the day when that becomes a reality. Meanwhile I'm biding my time. I figure there's nothing stopping me from starting to collect some stuff . . . some bling . . . for my future trailer. I think I just might make up a little pillow with this pumpkin carriage design for my future trailer.

By the way, this is a free download right now at ABC Embroidery Designs. Download a copy while you can. It looks really cute.

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