Monday, June 28, 2010

Armchair Vintage Trailer Advocate

I picked up the new Sister On The Fly book the last week of May as a birthday present to myself. It's a great little book with lots of crisp and delightful photos of those wonderful little vintage trailers and some of the women in my Sisters on the Fly group. I've enjoyed many hours of reading the stories and absorbing all the great photos. If you have any interest at all in vintage travel trailers you would be doing yourself a favor to pick up a copy and take a look. It is a fun book.

I ran across another vintage trailer restoration blog. Click onto the Shasta Louise blog to see their progress. I find it fascinating to watch the transformation from old and worn out to shiny, renewed and restored when it comes to these little trailers. I love all kinds of how-to info blogs. This one has lots of photos to see the progress.

I still do not have my own little vintage travel trailer. That is still one of my dreams. And I hope at some point in the future I'll be able to purchase and bring one of these little beauties home. Like I always say, "You can have anything in the world you want, if you pace yourself." At the moment my pace is slow. So I guess that make me an armchair vintage trailer advocate. One day . . .

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Trailer Lover Pillows

My embroidered travel trailer pillow design.Here's an image of my vintage travel trailer embroidery. I did this one in an aqua/teal color thread. I think I like this color the best myself. It seems to catch my eye when I see them all together.

Here's a group shot of embroideries for travel trailer pillows.Here's the group shot of the embroidery stitch-outs. I circled the first, original one I sewed out. I just noticed, now that I see the photo, the background fabric is different for this one. That's okay, all the pillows will be a bit different once they are finished. No two alike!

I will be sewing the pillows - making them up as I go along - this week. I plan to do these seven to sell just to test out the market on them. If they go rather quickly I'll make up more. At this point I am thinking they will have simple borders of coordinating color fabrics or a simple patchwork border. Look for an update here in a few days.

I think I mentioned before, in a previous post, that I want to start my Vintage Travel Trailer Fund through the sale of my sewn items. These pillows will be the start of that. I'm looking forward to getting my own little 'home away from home' and take off to the lake with it for some fishing. It would also be great to have it for mini vacations to do some traveling around the country. Oh, what fun!

Oh! I forgot to share with you . . . There is a new book comin out May 18th about the Sisters On The Fly. It looks like it will be fun. Here's a link to a new youtube video the Sisters are sharing with all their friends to help promote the book. Sisters On The Fly are not getting any royalties off this book, but are helping to promote it for the author, Irene Rawlings, the publisher, Andrews McMeel, with photos by David Foxworth. The first book signing is in Denver with some Sisters On The Fly members traveling there with their vintage trailers to celebrate the event.
This link was provided to help get the word out. If you want to go take a peek, here it is:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'Take Some Bait and Make a Date'

I came across this video. I had seen this once before, but forgot all about it. Just wanted to share . . . "Take some bait and make a date with Sisters on the Fly." What a catchy jingle.

I think Paige does such a wonderful job with her paintings. They are serene and nostalgic to me. Makes me want to get out and go camping. She licensed them to be printed on checks over at Current. I needed to reorder checks the other day, so I got a couple boxes with her images on them. They should be arriving soon.

Paige also has some great greeting cards and other stuff with her images. She's helping to raise money for Parkinson's here.

Okay . . . I'm off to get busy with some sewing. Have a great day!

What's on My Bulletin Board

Thought I'd show off what's on my bulletin board. It's there everyday to entice me - to get out into the wild in my own vintage trailer.

I have to admit that over the winter I haven't given this much thought. But now that winter has turned to spring and the days are getting warmer and sunnier I've been thinking about it more. Looking forward to the day I get my own vintage trailer and give it some bling.

I renewed my membership to the Sisters On The Fly again this year. I'm sister #1129. So far no trailer . . . it's still just a hope and a dream. We've got a tent at the moment, but it has been a while since we spent time camping in it. It takes awhile for it to warm up here in North Dakota.

You can see my 2009-2010 membership patch up there (purple with green trim). This year when she mailed the membership badge, Maurrie included the Naked Nymph patch, too. Ha! I haven't been out there skinny dipping anywhere . . . yet . . . ha! ha! Apparently there was a snafu and a misunderstanding with the person Maurrie, Sister #1, hired to make up the patches. She ended up with a thousand Naked Nymph patches and only 100 of the membership patches. So she decided to send them out to everyone who signed up. In her note she said, " everyone run outdoors and bathe in the all together and you will have earned your patch..." Chuckle, chuckle . . . yeah . . . right. I really cannot see that happening, but one never knows --{she smiles to herself at the thought}-- how outrageous!

Okay, yet another unfinished project is the small pillow idea that I started digitizing the Vintage Trailer Lover design as the embroidery design. I left off with that in the fall of 2009. As I recall I was going to improve the design a bit more by decreasing the number of stitches so it would stitch out faster. I'll have to look into that again and find out where I left off. Then I want to sew up some of those pillows. I hope to sell some on-line. I want to generate some cash-flow toward my vintage trailer dreams. I look at trailers on-line from time-to-time, but I'm not there yet - to go out to purchase one yet. Some of the sisters have painted their trailers and blinged them out nicely.