Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'Take Some Bait and Make a Date'

I came across this video. I had seen this once before, but forgot all about it. Just wanted to share . . . "Take some bait and make a date with Sisters on the Fly." What a catchy jingle.

I think Paige does such a wonderful job with her paintings. They are serene and nostalgic to me. Makes me want to get out and go camping. She licensed them to be printed on checks over at Current. I needed to reorder checks the other day, so I got a couple boxes with her images on them. They should be arriving soon.

Paige also has some great greeting cards and other stuff with her images. She's helping to raise money for Parkinson's here.

Okay . . . I'm off to get busy with some sewing. Have a great day!

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