Sunday, August 21, 2011

Upgrading My Blogs

The past few days I have been working to upgrade a few things on my blogs. Tonight, it was work on the headline banner for this blog. Have to say it has been a pretty quiet day. My hubby (my Mister Sister for any of you Sisters on the Fly fans) took me out to see a matinee after lunch. We saw Conan the Barbarian in 3D at the Grand Theater here in Bismarck. It was a good show. It was a remaking of the classic Conan movie with some newer special effects. The 3D glasses take some getting used to when first watching. My pair of glasses kept feeling like they were sitting on my head crooked. But it's not like regular glasses where you can adjust the ear pieces to get a better fit. So for part of the show I tried holding the glasses in place more to my liking. After awhile I just gave up on that, and tried to just pay attention to the movie and let it go. Somewhat irritating, but workable. Hubby sprang for popcorn and a soda along with the movie. It was fun.

I meant to get downstairs into my sewing studio once we got back, but I did a few things upstairs, then got sidetracked messing around with my Photoshop program the rest of the time. I've got to keep working on it to keep some of the features fresh in my mind.

Hubby mentioned doing some fishing again this summer before it starts to cool off too much for the fall. Now that I'm back to work full-time that means we'd have to take off Saturday when I get home from work in order to get any fishing in for the weekend. I think we ought to get out to the lake another time or two before the days get too short or too cool to be on the water. We don't usually do much night fishing on the boat. But maybe I can get off one or two hours early so we can get out to the lake again. I'll have to ask the boss about that.

I was thinking about the vintage trailer embroidery pillows I started so many month ago. I ended up sticking them into a storage bin, and forgot about them. They came to mind a couple days ago. Probably about time I got them done and put them up for sale. Ok . . . goal list updated . . . get those pillows done soon!

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